Novel Core

SKY-HI主宰のマネジメント / レーベル “BMSG” に第一弾アーティストとして所属。

メジャー1stアルバム『A GREAT FOOL』とメジャー2ndアルバム『No Pressure』が2作連続、各チャートで日本1位を獲得。全国ツアーやZepp単独公演を全公演即ソールドアウトで成功させるなど、その存在感を確かなものにする一方で、トップメゾンのモデルに起用されるなど、ファッション業界からも注目を集める新世代アーティスト。

Novel Core, a 22-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter from Tokyo, joined SKY-HI’s management/label company, BMSG as their first signed artist.
His major-debuted album ‘A GREAT FOOL’ and his second album ‘No Pressure’ topped the music charts in Japan. His presence cannot be ignored in the music scene with his successes in selling out the Japan tour and Zepp solo live shows. He is also an up-and-coming and must-see artist who attracts the fashion industry, modeling for luxury fashion brands.